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Vice President Zhu Zhenjiang o2024欧洲杯投注官网f the Customs Working Committee hosted by the School of Painting《 On Sun Qifeng's cultural self-confidence》 Lecture


    2019 Year4 month16 Day afternoon, Vice President Zhu Zhenjiang of the Customs Working Committee hosted by the School of 2024欧洲杯投注官网Painting《 On Sun Qifeng's cultural self-confidence》 Lecture, Receive good results, Unanimous praise from students。

    Dean Zhu's lecture starts with Mr. Sun Qifeng's diligence and pity, He recalled: Sun Lao often urges himself like this:“ 2024欧洲杯投注官网Every time God gives me, I won't return him for a minute”。 Mr. also talked about Sun Lao Wei's development of great teachers, Guangnanxiancai, Eclete, It reflects Mr. Sun's vision and outstanding knowledge and hug as an art educator。 Mr. S2024欧洲杯投注官网un has no class, For the future and development of the students of the students, Gan is a man-person ladder。

    Dean Zhu emphasized when talking about Sun Lao's teaching method, Mr. Sun advocates the importance of visibility, Calligraphy and painting teaching mu2024欧洲杯投注官网st follow from shallow to deep, Laws of Easy Enterprise, It is necessary to comply with the rules of students' understanding。 When performing artistic creation, Sun Lao has been practicing“ Effective Congyi, Honesty human” The truth, This s2024欧洲杯投注官网hows that on the road of art, Personal for painting, It has a decisive effect。 In terms of cultural self-confidence, Mr. Sun advocated that he must follow Marxism and literary views, In the inheritance and innovation of art, Tradition is“ B2024欧洲杯投注官网ridge of the World, Login Boat”, The art of leaving the traditional is the root of no roots。 In the collision of Chinese and Western cultural intercourse, We must adhere to the principle of dialectics, Choose the good in mutual exchanges an2024欧洲杯投注官网d from, Do not leave the people, Left out of life。

    Through Dean Zhu is more comprehensive, Unique explanation of the perspective, Students are widely thought by Mr. Sun、 Master's selfless、 Art Artist of Houde Lauret、 Educator's style of style, I feel deeply pro2024欧洲杯投注官网ud。 Students said: As a beautiful student, Should learn and inherit Sun Lao“ Ying Times, Innovation Chapter” creative concept, Integrated into the times, Incorporate life, Create more reflecting Chinese style、 Chinese Qi Pai art works。

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