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Retired Party Branch carried out the 2018 Annual Organization Life Meeting and Democratic Evaluation Party Member Activities

     According to the "Notice of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts on Holding the 2018 Grassroots Pa2024欧洲杯投注官网rty Organization Organization Life Meeting and Carrying out Democratic Evaluation Party Members", Retired Party Branch according to the special characteristics of retired veteran party members, Use a variety of 2024欧洲杯投注官网forms to convey the requirements and deployment of the party committee to the old comrades on this work。 On the morning of March 18, 2019 and March 19, 2019, a organization life meeting of the party branch and the retired party branch of the Southe2024欧洲杯投注官网rn Court will be held on the morning of March 19, 2019。 Secretary of each branch、 Veterans and retired old party members who allowed some physical conditions to participate in the event。会前, Party Secretary Sun Jie、 Deputy Secretar2024欧洲杯投注官网y Jiang Zongwen、 Deputy Dean Li Xin visited the retired old leader at the meeting site、 Old professor, and notified the college's recent work, Everyone is deeply encouraged。

    The retired party branch attaches great importance to the op2024欧洲杯投注官网ening of this organization., Resessment and branch secretaries have communicated many times, Formulated a specific work plan, I did a more thoughtful and fully preparation work。 In this meeting, Retirement dire2024欧洲杯投注官网ctly belongs to the party branch secretary Wang Shumin and the general branch secretary Zhang Xiuru conveyed the "notice of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts on the convening of the 2018 grass -roots party organization organization life and demo2024欧洲杯投注官网cratic evaluation party members" to the party members of the meeting,随后, The secretary of the branch on the basis of extensively soliciting opinions, Reporting in combination with the development of the branch in the past year, Find the exi2024欧洲杯投注官网sting problem, Clarified the future efforts, The old party members of the branch also combined with their own situation, Seriously check the problem。而后, Everyone has conducted on -site democratic evaluation par2024欧洲杯投注官网ty members, and the evaluation results of the presidential score of the branch committee, Recommended Election Election Outstanding Party Member, The whole process is orderly, Seriously。最后, The retired party br2024欧洲杯投注官网anch charged the party fee in the first half of 2019, And the opinions and suggestions of the majority of old party members on the use of party fees, Discussion decision through the branch, Buy party newspapers and party magazines for veter2024欧洲杯投注官网an party members, Strengthen theoretical learning, Improve the cultivation of party spirit。 Retissing the party branch directly carried out the theme party day activity of "I like the motherland" after the orga2024欧洲杯投注官网nizational life meeting, The old leaders speak on the huge changes in the motherland, Praise and cheer for the booming development of the motherland。

    This meeting enables retired veteran party members to unify 2024欧洲杯投注官网thinking、 Clear direction, further enhanced the cohesion of the retired party branch、 Battlepower、 Heart force。 The old party members said, The retired party branch will take the lead in forgetting the original heart、 Keep in mind the missi2024欧洲杯投注官网on、 In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Further promote the 2024欧洲杯投注官网scientific development of party building work of retired branches。

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