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2024欧洲杯投注官网Visit Organization Organization Organization Visit the 2019 Undergraduate Graduation Design Work Exhibition

    Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts2019 Undergraduate毕业 Design works展于59-June 11 At the Art Museum14684_14700 May 17th at 9:2024欧洲杯投注官网30 am, Resessment and use of the college's advantageous resources, Actively organize retired veteran comrades to conduct a visit to the graduation work exhibition。 Departure to actively c2024欧洲杯投注官网ooperate with the exhibition where the exhibition is located, Get strong support from the college, Also appointed a special person to coordinate the exhibition and right Exhibition works for professional explan2024欧洲杯投注官网ations, Let the old comrades know the connotation and design concept of each work。近期, Retreat will also organize four batches of works to visit,14971_14989


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