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2024欧洲杯投注官网Leave Organization“ Jiu Jiu Chongyang Festival strong respect for the old love” Flower art flower arrangement activities


     Youyou Flowers, Love long Two-nine phases, Sun Moon and Yang Is for“ Chongyang” Chongya2024欧洲杯投注官网ng's tradition of flower arrangement has a long history, It Have blessings、 The meaning of extension。 in10 month14 On the day of Jiqing Festival in Sun Chongyang, Retreat and host Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts2021 Annual“ Jiu Jiu Chongyang Section, strong respect for the old love Flower art flower a2024欧洲杯投注官网rrangement activities, Give flowers and send blessings, Send school for the old comrades16250-16251 Greetings, Let them feel the care and warmth of the school's party and government。

     16376-16380, At the University 2024欧洲杯投注官网Student Psychological Activity Center, Divide offer invited professional floral flower arrangements to our school, Perform flower arrangement training for veteran comrades。 Flower arrangement artist Simple、 Po2024欧洲杯投注官网pular、 Easy-to-understand language Detailed Explanation16599-16600 Flower Art Flowers Technology。 The retired teachers who participated in the flower arrangement activity for the first time were with joy Evil Test, interest16819-16821。 List2024欧洲杯投注官网en to the detailed explanation of the flower arrangementist, Everyone The happy journey of the Chung Yeung Festival floral flower arrangement, From the initial Evil Test, Gradually becoming handy, Passionate br2024欧洲杯投注官网anch、 Pruning of flowers and leaves and Size grasping and other key steps, Can be handled cleanly and just right。 Flower arrangement In the process, Everyone Full experience Flowers Natural Mei He Beauty of Design。 Last, Teachers are with a 2024欧洲杯投注官网happy mood, Hand holding The flower basket that is carefully inserted, A photo of the Chongyang Festival。

    This time Flower arrangement activities are not only Retired teachers Provide16599-16600 More exquisite cultural service2024欧洲杯投注官网s, At the same time It also promoted the Chinese nation to respect the elderly、 Love Old、 Traditional virtues to help the elderly, Enhanced the life happiness of the old comrades。 Take this opportunity, We also bless every retired teacher. 2024欧洲杯投注官网Happy holidays, Happy family happiness!

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