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Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts t2024欧洲杯投注官网o prevent telecommunications network fraud work

Hu Jing 


According to the Education Commission,《 Education system on the implementation of prevention of telecommunications network fraud“ No fraud campus” Work plan》 2024欧洲杯投注官网Requirements requirements The Academy of Fine Arts retreats to strengthen learning documents, Combined with work requirements Careful implementation of the corresponding work of the Education Commission and the school on preventing teleco2024欧洲杯投注官网mmunications network fraud, Reinforcement responsibility implementation。

First, As an old cadre work department We pay attention to the corresponding knowledge of the state and related government departments on preventing telecommunication2024欧洲杯投注官网s network fraud, Download it“ National Anti-Fraud Center”app Software, Follow “ China Police Network” Study in time for related content Raise personal prevention awareness。

Second, Considering that old comrades are scams for telecommunica2024欧洲杯投注官网tions fraud and cyber criminals, We visit the school、 Old comrades who work do a good job of safety education, persuade the old comrades In daily life Improve the awareness of prevention。 At the same time With the help of a few WeChat pl2024欧洲杯投注官网atforms from retired veteran comrades, Multiple times to prevent telecommunications network fraud、 Comprehensive forwarding Effectively help retired veteran comrades improve the consciousness of preventing fraud, Enhanced recognition abili2024欧洲杯投注官网ty, Master the anti-fraud skills。

In addition, Take the Life of Retirement Organization as an opportunity Assist the old comrades to download “ National Anti-Fraud Center”app Software and Follow “ China Police Network”。 At the same time, 2024欧洲杯投注官网Activities for Awards with the help of the knowledge of anti-telecommunications fraud Mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for learning anti-fraud, Reminds the old comrades in various forms, Treat online communication carefully, Ask in time to 2024欧洲杯投注官网do not understand things, Communicate with your family, Good effects of anti-fraud publicity。

In the future work, The retired office will continue to implement the security work of retirees, Actively promote the work of preventing telecommu2024欧洲杯投注官网nications network fraud, Continue to educate and guide the online security of old comrades, Improve the consciousness of anti-fraud in retired personnel and family members, Do a good job of preventing telecommunications network fraud with h2024欧洲杯投注官网eart and affection, Keep the retired old comrades “ Qianbag”, Fully create a strong atmosphere of anti-fraud and anti-fraud, Construction of Ping An Campus。

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