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The retirement party branch of the teaching unit of the agency's retirement party branch organizes the re -election conference  
Give full play to the role of teachers in the ideological and politics of professional courses  
Dedication of Chinese wisdom of "harmony and differences" to create a community of human destiny -learning "Xi Jinping talks about governing the country and governing the country"  
Work hard to learn to use the Internet  
Old party members of the retired party branch actively participate in the "Listening to the Party and the Party" knowledge compete  
Learn the speech of Comrade Deming, combined with "two studies, one doing" learning and education on the Internet, play the advantage of old comrades  
Retired Party Branch held the "Two Studies and One Do" Special Three Study Education Symposium  
Chung Yeung Festival veteran hi traveling in Jincheng  
2015 Retirement General Branch Best Party Day Award won the second prize  
2015 The Academy of Fine Arts Retired Party Branch held a symposium on ideological and political education for ideological and political education  
2015 Retirement General Branch Best Party Day Report  
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